PyGame Contents

Getting Started

  1. Python + PyGame Install
  2. Python and PyGame online Resources

General Python

Just enough to get started with PyGame

  1. Python as a Calculator
    1. Numbers: Integers and Floats
    2. Variables
  2. Ask a Question
    1. Strings
    2. Get Input
  3. Check the Answer
    1. Boolean Type
    2. If, elif and else
    3. Quiz Question
  4. Go Loopy – Part I
    1. while loops
    2. Tuple Type
    3. Defining Colours
  5. Go Loopy – Part II (Coming Soon – Last in this section before pygame starts)
    1. List Type
    2. for loop

Program with PyGame

  1. Create a Blank Game Surface
    1. Template for Future Games
    2. The Game Loop
  2. More …

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